If you are interested in getting Silver Certified for all of our hair extensions systems please click the button below to fill out the form. 

This form is not for consumers. If you are a consumer, please use our salon locator to find a stylist.

Gold Certification is only available for licensed professional hairdressers, stylists and cosmetologists.

Get Certified Online!  (All Systems – Connections, Tape Weft, Multi Weft, and Link Weft)

If you’re already certified in another strand-by-strand extension system, you can get certified in PerfecTress Connections in just minutes!  After completing a simple 30-question test, you will be well on your way to performing your first installation.

You will only need to fulfill three requirements prior to accessing the online test:
(1) You must possess an active cosmetology license. 
(2) Already be certified in a strand-by-strand extension system. 
(3) Purchase the tools necessary to perform a Connections service.

The tools are available in two kits:

Connections Starter Kit – $349
(With this kit you will receive everything required to install and remove PerfecTress Connections.)

Deluxe Kit – $725
(Possess all of those tools essential to performing not just Connections services, but also services in Tape Wefts, Multi Wefts, and Link Wefts.)

How do you get started?

1.  Fill out the online form.
2.  An Account Manager assigned to your area will contact you within (24) hours to process your kit order and to provide you with access to the online test.
3.  You will receive (via email) a link to the online test, a PDF version of our Technical Manual to study from and a How-To video link of the Connections installation and removal process.

The test isn’t timed, so there’s no rush!

4.  After you’ve completed and submitted the online test, your personal Account Manager will grade your test. You must score 85% or higher to pass.
5.  After passing the test, you will be awarded a PerfecTress certification, presence on our Salon Locator, and can begin to order hair.

*This is the quickest and most affordable option for the experienced stylist!